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Outstanding charity work

A very successful winter drive, over 40 food boxes donated to St Augustine’s Church who were overwhelmed and very grateful for our support in their Homeless Project.

Generous fundraising efforts for charitable causes including Children In Need and Anti Bullying Week. So far we have raised £2,384.08. Fundraising efforts last term have included:

September Eid Souq - £289.75 – Children on the Edge
October GST Orphan Appeal - £570.97 - Charity Right
November Whole School - £665.34 – Children in Need
November Cake Sale - £187.05 - Anti Bullying /Children in Need
September - December £570.97 - House Charities 
December Over 40 Gift boxes For Homeless people - St.  Augustine’s Church
December Senior Citizens visit - £100  gifts – Mary Seacole Court


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