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Feversham Education Trust is a recently approved Academy Sponsor situated in Bradford, born out of the success of Feversham College

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The library is a fantastic area to use both for school work and leisure and includes a number of resources to aid the development of your Islamic character.

We are open throughout the day from 8.00am for students and for staff.

We have an area specifically designated for Islamic resources which includes the Qur'an and collections of Hadith. There is a large collection of non-fiction books covering the entire curriculum to assist with your studies and exam preparation. Fiction books are chosen in accordance with the College's Islamic ethos and the variety available is suitable for all ages and abilities.

A plasma screen displays information on the latest resources available in the library along with daily news programmes.

The careers area contains university and college prospectuses alongside apprenticeship and industry specific information. Help can be provided with the preparation of your C.V., covering letters and personal statements.

The Media Hub

A wide range of media items are available for study and leisure purposes including DVDs, CDs and talking books. Digital cameras and video cameras can be borrowed to enhance project work and curriculum studies. There are 10 computers with a wide range of software available for use in the library.

A bank of computers, with a wide range of software to aid with school work and an interactive whiteboard for presentations, are also available.

Library Software

Feversham uses Oliver library management system. Students can log on to their account and check the books they have borrowed, renew items they want for longer and search for resources to help them.

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Competitions take place throughout the year with some great prizes. There are also a number of craft activities throughout the year in which students can participate. The book club magazine provides an opportunity to buy discounted books each term. Students may also have the opportunity to train and work as a Student Librarian.

Reading Groups

The Book Fever group takes place every Wednesday lunchtime and all students are welcome. We are currently reading books by Michael Morpurgo.

The Term Time Only reading group takes place every half-term and is for staff only. We take turns to choose the books which we borrow from Bradford Libraries and enjoy a good chat over tea and biscuits.