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To celebrate Internet Safety Day 2017, Feversham College took part in two whole school activities on Tuesday 7th February and Wednesday 8th February.

Our theme for this year’s Safer Internet Day 2017 was “Posting pictures and videos online”.
The theme encouraged young people to think about where they were posting pictures/videos, who can see them and the consequences of their actions.

Tuesday 7th February
The powerpoint for Tuesdays GST session focused on the dangers of sexting and the consequences for everyone involved. We also learnt what the Law said about sexting and the recent change in legislation for young people.

You can view the presentation here (Powerpoint Presentation)

We also showed a video called Megans Story - a story of a girl who sent her friend an explicit picture she took in the toilets at school. This video pauses and asks the audience questions about what her classmates should/should not do and how Megan is feeling.

You can watch Megans Story here (this link will take you to YouTube)

We encouraged GST classes to discuss the dangers of taking/sharing/ posessing images of a sexual nature.

Wednesday 8th February
Before you share a picture, we have listed 5 questions you need to think about.
1. Have I got permission to use this picture?
2. Would you be happy to see your picture on a poster or advertising board?
3. Who am I sharing it wth?
4. What do I look like?
5. Is it legal?

If you have shared a picture and have now lost control of it, here are 5 things you can do to take back control:
1. Take the picture of video down
2. Ask others to delete it
3. Report it to the website that its been shared on
4. Get help if you're being bullied
5. Report if you're being threatened

You can view the presentation here (Powerpoint Presentation)